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What comes next? 

A sermon on a theme based on phrases from the King James Bible given by the author at King's Colege Chapel, Cambridge

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Will there be a sequel to The Writing on the Wall?


Some readers have noted how few of the everyday Bible phrases are covered and that, with the brevity of the introductions to the Bible Books, some of the really well known Bible passages don't even get a mention. Others have pointed out that the Apocrypha in the King James Bible is missing. This is topical because one of the apocryphal books, 1 Esdras, is the subject of an important recent discovery made by an American scholar: the earliest known draft of any part of the King James Bible.

Below, is a taster of what might follow.

Key Passages from the King James Bible:

 The Beatitudes in Matthew's Gospel - Blessed are the peacemakers - Jump To Beatitudes

The Apocrypha - Jump to Apocrypha   

       Where the following chapters have already been written plus introductory phrases:

1 Esdras - Above all things truth beareth away the victory

Baruch - Land of/flowing with milk and honey

   A scarecrow in a garden of cucumbers

The History of Susanna [in Daniel] - Bear false witness



(There will be more to follow)


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